Many additional resources are provided by UW-Madison Cores. See the Directory of Resources for Researchers for an up-to-date, navigable compilation.

Provides a platform to all UW-Madison faculty and staff for supporting synchronous web-based sessions. It offers a suite of easy to use features that are common in many web conferencing solutions.

No-charge software through the Campus Software Library.

Also see the Campus Apps Catalog.

A range of free technology training and project support options for registered UW-Madison students. Faculty and staff can also take advantage of STS by coordinating custom technology workshops for their student groups.

Assures all members of UW Madison meet their obligation to determine how export controls might apply to their activities and ensure export control compliance. Violation of export control laws can potentially lead to severe criminal and/or civil sanctions for the individual who violates the law.

Provides a suite of Google Apps that are available to the UW-Madison community. This includes Drive, Sites (Hosted Websites for Labs or Events), Hangouts, Groups, Contacts, and Google+. These apps facilitate collaboration with other students, staff members, researchers, and faculty members. Google Drive provides unlimited storage with a limit of 5 TB per file. Additional information is available through IT at UW-Madison.

Develops tools and services for finding, filtering, and presenting online information and metadata. The Scout research team creates practical web-based information and software solutions for educators, librarians, and researchers through standalone and collaborative projects.

A full library of self-study software tutorials available anytime, anywhere. Available to UW-Madison Faculty, Staff, and Students at no cost.

Off-campus software training services offered through New Horizons. Courses are available at a discount for UW faculty and staff. Training will be offered online and in-person.

Provides a repository of information on over 11,000 software tools and packages useful for OMICS analysis. OMICtools is designed to help experimental researchers find appropriate tools for their needs; help developers stay up to date and avoid redundancy; help funding agencies to ensure that the submitted projects are high value-added.

Supports researchers at UW-Madison who use statistical analysis in their work. They provide a complete research computing environment focused on statistics plus the expert help you need to use it. This includes statistical consultants, training, servers, and data storage.

Provides a no-cost, high-performance, centralized cloud computing platform to help you regularly test the security of your software applications. Created to advance the state of cybersecurity, protect critical infrastructures, and improve the resilience of open-source software, the SWAMP integrates security into the software development life cycle and keeps all user activities completely confidential.

Partners with instructors, researchers, and campus staff to conceptualize, design, and implement innovative custom software solutions and library applications. Specializes in supporting research ideas, application development, data collection, and data visualization needs.