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ACIAdvanced Computing Initiative
ADActive Directory
AMICAdvanced Materials Industrial Consortium
ARROWApplication Review for Research Oversight at Wisconsin
BMIBioMedical Informatics
BRCBioinformatics Resource Center
CADCampus Active Directory
CAEComputer-Aided Engineering
CALSCollege of Agricultural & Life Sciences
CARDSCommunity Advisors on Research Design and Strategies
CCICampus Computing Infrastructure
CAVECave Automatic Virtual Environment
CCTCore Computational Technology
CHTCCenter for High Throughput Computing
CIOChief Information Officer
CITICollaborative Institutional Training Initiative
CMSContent Management Systems
CoECollege of Engineering
CSLCampus Software Library
CSLComputer Systems Lab
CTIGCampus Technical Issues Group
DOEDepartment of Energy
D2PDiscovery to Project
DoITDivision of Information Technology
DMPData Management Plan
DPPSDoIT Digital Publishing and Printing
ED/SBS IRBEducation and Social/Behavioral Science IRB
ECPCExperimental Cutaneous Pathology Core
ECRTEffort Reporting Tool
ELNElectronic Lab Notebooks
EH&SEnvironment, Health, & Safety
GICGrants Information Collection
HIPAAHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 
HPCHigh Performance Computing
HS-IRBHealth Sciences IRB
HTCHigh Throughput Computing
IACUCInstitutional Animal Care and Use Committee
ICTRInstitute for Clinical and Translational Research
IRBInstitutional Review Board
LELLiving Environments Laboratory
MERITMedia, Education Resources, & Information Technology
MIRMorgridge Institute for Research
MR-IRBMinimal Risk IRB
MSCMaterials Science Center
MSCMedical Sciences Center
MSCMulticultural Student Center
MRSECMaterials Research Science and Engineering Center
NEOSNetwork-Enabled Optimization System
NIHNational Institute of Health
NSFNational Science Foundation
OHROffice of Human Resources
ORCOptimization Research Consortium
PIPrincipal Investigator
TTDoIT Technology Training
QDAQualitative Data Analysis
RADDRecovering Analog and Digital Data
RARCResearch Animal Resources Center
RCFResearch Computing Facilitator
RDSResearch Data Services
RPRGResearch Project Resource Guide
RSPResearch and Sponsored Programs
SDRCSkin Disease Research Center
SHAREDiscovery Shared Research Equipment
SLISSchool of Library and Information Studies
SMLSoft Materials Laboratory
SSCCSocial Science Computing Cooperative
STSDoIT Software Training for Students 
SWAMPSoftware Assurance Marketplace
UCUniversity Communications
UMarkUniversity Marketing
UWBCUniversity of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center
UWDCUniversity of Wisconsin Digital Collections
UWMRRCUniversity of Wisconsin Medical Radiation Research Center
UWRCLUniversity of Wisconsin Radiation Calibration Laboratory
UWSCUniversity of Wisconsin Survey Center
VCRGEVice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education
WARFWisconsin Alumni Research Foundation 
WCAMWisconsin Center for Applied Microeconomics
WDPWisconsin Discovery Portal
WEIWIsconsin Energy Institute
WIDWisconsin Institute for Discovery
WINRSWisconsin Network for Research Support
WISDMWisconsin Data Mart
WISPERWISconsin Proposal Electronic Routing
WMIWisconsin Materials Institute
WPTWisconsin Public Television